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Focus on the good, the bad will naturally diminish

Focus on the good, the bad will naturally diminish


EDITOR: It was so good to open a recent issue of Searchlight and see on page 2 two very positive articles about young people overcoming adversity. The articles about Juanita Headly and Xavique Cyrus were both inspirational and uplifting. In a world where there is so much negativity and so many people rely on handouts, it is important that we continue to hold up such models as these to show what can be done when one takes action to move forward in his/her life without waiting for others to do something for them.

Too often we sit and wonder when something good is going to happen, but we must face up to the challenges of life and MAKE the good things happen in our lives. This is much easier to do when one has a positive relationship with God and follows Biblical standards of righteousness and morality in everything they do. People will take notice of a person who is good and honest, who has integrity and self-discipline, because these qualities are not common in our world.

Please continue to focus on the good in our society, because when we build up the good, the bad will naturally diminish. When we focus on the bad, the good will diminish. Focus on the good, the righteous, the honest and those who are worthy of respect. I would encourage you to fill the front of your publication with the good stories rather than relegating them to the centre pages, and leave the crimes and negativity to the back pages. Keep the inspirational in the forefront and not on the back burner. Let the negative be presented only as lessons in what not to do and how not to live in the shadow of the good and the right, the lovely and the honourable.

Rhonda L. Vaughan