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Is NDP really serious about winning?

Is NDP really serious about winning?


EDITOR: Is New Democratic Party (NDP) serious about winning? I doubt that very much. Its failure to have a team of young, vibrant persons as candidates speaks for itself.

In 1984, the NDP under the leadership of Sir James Mitchell, was able to defeat the might of the Labour Party then.

Let us bear in mind that Mitchell was once a member of Cato’s labour party and was the Minister of Agriculture.

James Mitchell, then in opposition, never walked out of parliament and did not waste time spewing out hatred for Milton Cato and the Labour Party, but rather dealt with the issues at hand. The Labour at the time had 11 out of 13 seats and yet lost government to James Mitchell and the NDP.

The NDP, then under Sir James Mitchell, was able to attract and ran a team of young, vibrant, energetic and intelligent men. Some of whom were members of Ralph Gonsalves’ party. Unlike, the present NDP, which spends most of its time demonizing Ralph, and in the last four plus years has been talking about ‘stolen elections’, while the real issues are left unattended.

The failure by the present NDP to have on its slate fresh young, vibrant, energetic professionals with new ideas, brings to the fore the question; “Is NDP serious about winning?” While, desiring a change, it’s the young people that would make the difference. For we know that young people attract young people. The youths must feel that they have a place in charting the course of this country.

Time will tell if the NDP would suffer another defeat because of its failure to attract the youth to its camp and also to embrace persons who were once ULP.

May we have a peaceful election campaign and one void of slander!

Kennard King