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Party politics and election

Party politics and election


EDITOR: We are in the heart of the election season. Elections, we know, will be held soon. With this in mind, I write this piece as a guide towards making a choice concerning who we vote for.

Party politics, we know ,are filled with promises. This should not be the major basis for voting for a party or a candidate. Experience would have shown us, that on many occasions promises are not kept and as a result many are left disappointed, angry and disgruntled, which may result in persons not voting.

Personalities can play a part in the decision-making and this can lead to perception. For example, a dishonest person can cause persons to mistrust that individual, since it will be perceived that if that individual is elected, can be involved in corruption. On the other hand, a person who is of an honest, loving, caring character can easily gain votes, since it is perceived that such a person will make a good representative.

Some people vote based on personal benefits, rather than Policies and Projects. This gives rise to election bribery.

However, voting should be based on the PERFORMANCE

of party and representatives. Performance does not only apply to the governing party, but also to the opposition members. Assessment should be made of each Member of Parliament, including the senators and also the performance of the parties before the the elections.

In some cases, the performance is based on POLICIES. Each political party contesting the elections must declare and elucidate their policies. This will determine whether they would make a good government. Good policies can drive the country forward, whereas, poor policies can do the opposite and that is sending the country backward.

As we seek to determine who to vote for, let us not be fooled by promises and not be swayed by personal gain and pretence by politicians who fake love and offer bribes. Let us choose wisely, based on the Performances, Policies, Programmes and not on Perception.

May we have a peaceful and well fought campaign by each party?

Kennard King