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Young mother needs help

Young mother needs help


Editor: I read the story of this young mother of Diamond. She is 21 years old with a baby, who stole from Jax Enterprises.

What she did was so unfortunate and I hope she learns from this situation. I lived in St. Vincent for four months, and life is very hard out there, especially for young people.

I used to go to the stores to buy stuff, and some of the young ladies would ask me for money to buy stuff to eat, because what they make at work is so small. The Government of the day needs to wake up and provide for young people who are going to be tomorrow’s politicians in your country.

I say to the Court who is ruling on the judgment of this young mother to be merciful to her. Allow her to go home and redeem herself with her baby. Give her a sentence of pardon. And put her on a bond from Jax store for six months.

Covid has made lives very difficult for everyone. Jail is not the answer at this time. She needs help at this time. I am calling on the Prime Minister to give this young lady a job to help herself.

Hilary JnBaptiste from St.Lucia