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NDP or ULP: Pros and Cons

NDP or ULP: Pros and Cons


Editor: Elections are upon us. Here are some problems with our main contenders: New Democratic Party and Unity Labour Party.

• Rampant victimisation: It is known. It is present. Let us not pretend otherwise.

• Decreased opportunity for youth: the rate of unemployment and disgruntlement amongst youth is at an all-time high.

• Blatant disregard for the law, processes, policies and procedures: it is known, evident and has become systematic, affecting the moral fabric of our society.

• Party favourites are the true economic beneficiaries and are the ones protected from sanctions.

• Constant Ralph-based focus or rhetoric: this ULP/Ralph hatred, although endorsed formally by the NDP, causes persons concern about what may happen if this hatred gets into power.

• Apparent lack of zeal/zest: evidenced in their failure to unequivocally win over the youth vote.

• Talks of China: an all-round bad idea that should be distanced from immediately. It is disingenuous to ignore this. One cannot consider alliances for the sake of being different from one’s opponent.

• Not having loud, clear messages: who can say what the message of the NDP really is?