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Let’s condemn all racial prejudice and racial slurs

Let’s condemn all racial prejudice and racial slurs


EDITOR: Racial prejudice – we have come a long way. Those of us who are old enough would agree with me that racial prejudice is not as prevalent as long ago. Suffice to say that we have come a long way in relation to racial prejudice.

While growing up, racial prejudice was very prevalent; blacks were called ‘Niggas’ and Indians were called ‘Coolie’. In some cases, both races looked at themselves as better than the other race. There used to be more hatred and prejudice against each other, thankfully, things have changed. There may still be a small pocket of racial prejudice, but not on a large scale.

There is still some way to go to get rid of racial prejudice. So it is safe to say that we have come a long way in erasing racial prejudice and where we now see each race as equal.

Sadly, we have been hearing this race talk, especially by politicians. By now politicians should know that this kind of talk doesn’t work in SVG in terms of gaining votes, rather it causes hatred and makes some angry.

Even the Lord valued each and everyone equally. He died for the world, which included all races and nationalities on the earth. He loved everyone equally, regardless of the person’s colour of skin and texture of hair. So we must, as a people, accept and love each other regardless the colour of skin and texture of hair.

I, and many Vincentians, are disappointed about the racist comment made by a particular candidate of a particular party. He above all should know better, since he was once a preacher and would have promoted equality when it comes to God’s love for humanity. It is funny how politics can make a fool of some people.

There is no doubt we have come a long way in terms of racial prejudice and we must endeavour not to entertain any form of racism. For this country is comprised of persons of many different nationalities and race. We must seek to unite, love and respect each other’s race, colour and nationality. Let, us condemn racial prejudice and racial slurs. Indeed these aforementioned have no place in Vincentian culture. Let us promote love and not hate.
May God bless SVG?

Kennard King