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Our destination is not determined by the colour of the skin

Our destination is  not determined by the colour of the skin


EDITOR: The brutal murder of George Floyd is the most depressing video I have seen. This incident has occupied the centrestage around the world and many protests have been erupting all over America and even in London.

What is encouraging is that both blacks and whites are united in the protests. This incident is historic in the sense that it has caused many Americans to rise up and call for an end to racism and the brutality meted out to black Americans.
If this situation is not handled properly this could cause more serious civil unrest. President Trump, who has the support of the racists in America, and who has fuelled division with his crazy comments, will be affected politically.

This incident has shown the ugliness of racism. We should in no way support racism. We, as a people, ought to be proud to be black. It is rather unfortunate that there are some in this country who look down on being black, with some even trying to bleach their skin. We ought to value ourselves and love ourselves as people of colour.

Indeed being black does not make anyone of lesser value than whites. We must therefore not entertain the idea of racism. Regardless of colour of skin, we are all made in the image and likeness of God and that we would all die one day and go to either a place of rest, or a place of torment. Our destination is not determined by the colour of the skin, but rather the lives we live and our faith in Jesus Christ.

While, we condemn such heinous actions, I call on us all to love each other, remove the hatred from our hearts and seek to see each other as equals, regardless the colour of skin and status in life. God is love and so should we all.

Kennard King