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We must continue to be vigilant in fight against COVID-19

We must continue to be vigilant in fight against COVID-19


EDITOR: While the world continues to battle with the COVID-19 with some nations experiencing the sad situation of rising death, we have, thankfully, had only a few positive cases of the VIRUS.

This is however, not a signal that all is clear, but rather, one has to continue to be vigilant and even up our game in precaution. For, we are notpout of the woods, and we can still have more cases.

We must give thanks to the Almighty God for His mercies, love and compassion thus far. The many prayers of the churches have not been forgotten. Compliments are in order for the Sanitation workers who have been working very hard to keep our city clean and and have kept themselves protected.

Sometimes we tend to take for granted simple little things. With this in mind, we must admire and compliment JAX Enterprises, GECCU, some of the banks and supermarkets for their initiative in having pipes and hand washing liquid soap on the outside for public use. Many have taken this for granted, but it goes a long way in ensuring the public have access to water and soap to wash their hands and as a result aid in preventing the COVID-19.

The cooperation and working together by some members of both political parties, despite the some loose cannons in the opposition, is indeed admirable. Let us not forget the members of the public who are taking this coronavirus seriously and are, for the most part, cooperating and observing the protocols.

The dedication and handwork of the health workers must be complimented. Regardless which political party we support, unless we have hatred or an agenda we must admire the astute leadership of the Prime Minister thus far. Of course there would always be areas of criticism, but, by and large, he has given mature and astute leadership.

Finally, let us continue to pray, repent and turn to God. Let us continue to work together as one. May God bless this nation!!!

Kennard King