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We are dropping the bone for the shadow

We are dropping the bone for the shadow


EDITOR: Too many students are being needlessly left behind during this Covid-19 crisis. In times of difficulties, we need to emphasize the basics and use the resources at hand to get what needs to be done.

While it is desirable for everyone to have access to an electronic device (smart phone, tablet, computer), and internet service, this is not currently the case. What we have is a promise for the future. Even if we get them now, it would take time for their use to become common place with students, teachers and parents gaining an understanding of how best to use them.

Therefore let us use the available tools for our learning. All students should have textbooks which generally outline the work to be done for the school year. Teachers can outline the chapters that should be done and the questions to be answered.

Parents can then supervise the students as they complete the work. Where syllabuses are available, they can be the basis for the textbook assignments. Electronic devices, if available, can be used as additional resource materials, together with the Public Library, if they are open.

Whether there is a crisis or not every student needs to have assigned work, the parents need to know what the work is and this must primarily be based on the available tools, mainly textbooks guided by syllabuses.

It appears to me that we are dropping the bone of our textbooks and available resources and grabbing the shadow of electronic devices. Beside text books and specific assignments, students need to read widely, including the local newspapers and write about a page a day (journaling). In this way their reading and writing skills will generally improve.

Anthony G Stewart, PhD