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Patel Vs. Carlos

Patel Vs. Carlos


EDITOR: This is election year and Patel is going crazy with meetings, while Carlos is busy at work. If the truth be told, Patel as a representative has failed the people of North Leeward, while Carlos although not a representative has given representation to the people of North Leeward and continues to do so. Thus, I think he should be elected to Parliament and Patel be sent home to continue operating his rum shop.

One of the many lies that PATEL has talked in his series of public meeting was made at Rose Bank where he said, “that he had talks with the owners of the land at Dark view in 2015”. He was trying to say that ULP had promised the people the lands and did not fulfil the promise. Well the truth is, in November 2013, the former Representative Dr Jerrol Thompson and the ULP had purchased those lands. There was a deal made where the owners were given lands at Bequia in exchange for the said lands. So how could Patel have spoken to the owners in 2015 about purchasing the lands when it was already sold?

For Patel to take the statement about picking mangoes and sucking and turn it into something vulgar is the lowest one can get? This is indeed not worthy to be repeated and so it’s a disgrace

for a parliamentary representative to utter those things in a public meetings shows the lack of good quality for a representative and should not be returned to the parliament of SVG.

Besides his excuse for not helping people even his own supporters, that he is not in power and is on the opposition, I say this is utter rubbish and shows his laziness as a parliamentarian.

On the other hand Carlos while not yet a representative has taken money from his own pocket and helped persons of North Leeward. He has been mixing and mingling with the people. He has sponsored persons going to community collect through Generation next.

North Leeward has seen an improvement in its infrastructures such as: Bridges, concrete road path, the German and English gutter defence, the Cumberland playing field and many more that can be listed. However, I am not a politician so I would rest my case.

I will say this though when election calls it is time that North Leeward returns to the government side and this can only happen if the voters from North Leeward vote solidly for Carlos James.

A political observer