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Men stop the abuse, women find strength to walk away

Men stop the abuse, women find strength to walk away


EDITOR: The recent killing of nurse Taylor-Israel has bring to the fore the abuse that many women endure on a regular basis. It is rather unfortunate that so many women allow themselves to be abused by men.

We know that physical abuse is the last form of abuse. It first begins with verbal abuse and would spread to different forms of abuse, then finally physical abuse, which sometimes end tragically, as in the case of this nurse.

It is important that women choose wisely, a partner. The choice should be based on the character of the individual. It is true that a woman may not be able to detect the abusiveness in her partner until sometimes years down the road. However, as much as possible it is good to do a background check of the man, especially if he is not someone the woman is acquainted with or has a fair knowledge of. Sometimes a person may not have a history of being abusiveness, but later on, due to different influences and circumstances, may develop abusive behaviour.

The first act of abusive behaviour is verbal abuse and when this continues on a regular basis, it signals danger and so a woman should walk away from that relationship. However, it is easier said than done, since sometimes a child/children come into the mix. The lady then finds it hard to walk away for the sake of the children and stays on in the hope that change will come. Also economic reasons sometimes tie a woman to a man and she endures the abusive.

I call upon us as men to respect women. They ought to be treated with love. A woman is not a man’s property. So when a dispute arises, abuse is not the way to deal with it. That is why it is important that there be communication, trust and love. I call upon us as men to stop the abuse and also to encourage women to find the strength and courage to walk away from abusive relationships. Sometimes she stays on for the sake of the children and end up loosing her life.

Most of all, let us put God in our lives and let Him control our anger. If Christ is in our lives and homes then incidents of abuse will be minimal. Let us build our homes on Christ. May God bless this nation.

Kennard King