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“Whatever the future brings our faith would see us through”

“Whatever the future brings our faith would see us through”


Editor: The challenges of 2019 are now history. Indeed many of us can testify that the Lord carried us through and as the national anthem states, “Whatever the future brings our faith would see us through”. So we look forward to the challenges we would encounter in this year, knowing that our faith would see us through.

As we continue on in this year 2020 we must be conscious of the fact that as a people we need GOD in our lives. Let us seek to rebuild the families that we recognize have deteriorated drastically.

For this to be accomplished we have to put God back into our homes, we need to spend time with our children. Don’t let the Gadgets, Tablets, Cell phones and Television replace good family time. For spending time with the family and being there for them is the greatest asset any family can have.

As we progress into 2020, let us as a people learn to love each other. I know that this year is an election year. Nevertheless, I would encourage us to not create enemies because of politics, but instead let us respect each other’s view.

May we in this year seek to work together as one? It is important that our children are sent to Sunday schools, and we take them to church. We thank God that there was a reduction in crimes. However, with prayers and living for the Lord, we can see a reduction this year.

I would encourage us put aside the anger, hatred and revenge and replace it with Love and forgiveness followed by respect and kindness. It is my prayer that as a nation we would see us returning back to the Lord and that this nation honours God. For without him we are doomed for failure and an increase in crimes.

May GOD bless this nation and may Christ become the head of our homes and lives.

Kennard King