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Same old story at Republic Bank

Same old story at Republic Bank


Editor: The sale of Bank of Nova Scotia to the Republic Bank, one would have thought that would have meant an improvement in its customer service to its customers; this is however is not true. On the contrary it would seem that it has become worse as it relates to concern and care for its customers.

Far too often many customers have experienced painfully slow service from the tellers. It is a downright lack of care for customers when persons would use their lunch hour to do business in the bank only to have wasted their whole lunch hour and still not being served.

The problem is that the bank is not properly organized when it comes to doing transactions. There should be a separate line for corporate and big deposits. The experience by many is that sometimes the line to the teller is stuck for sometimes half an hour or more where no one moves. This is so because customers have big transactions to do that may require the time mentioned. This can be rather frustrating.

What is even worse is that when such occurrence takes place and a request is made to the supervisor or some senior person to help the situation out by putting in place another teller, that request is ignored. So sometimes persons loose their hour lunch and achieved nothing.

It would seem that the bank has no heart for people and no one cares. It is of importance that separate lines be made for transactions that would require such length of time. It is a downright shame that customers have to put up with such a disregard by the management of the bank.

Ladies and gentlemen this will be my last writing for the year 2019. I take this opportunity to thank you Editor for allowing me the space in your paper to air my views and suggestions. I also want to thank the many faithful readers who look forward to my writings each week. I sincerely appreciate the comments, compliments and sometimes criticism that I do received from many readers. Thank you all very much.

As we move into 2020 in the will of the Lord, I trust that we will see an improvement in the customer service in this country and as a people we would put country before party. I wish each and everyone a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year. I look forward to our continued dialogue and faithfulness in the coming year. God bless.

Kennard King