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Smile and Laugh Some More!

Smile and Laugh Some More!


Written by C. Fergus

A lot of people suffer from stress,
Because they frown more and smile less;
Many of them go around wearing a screw face,
As if everything they see around them has a bad taste;
It sometimes pains my heart to see
Christians looking so gloomy and unhappy.

They behave as if the world is on their shoulders,
And that they are the only ones under heavy manners;
When all it takes is a little smile or laughter;
To free up the inside and make the outside look brighter;
Laughter is good medicine, so the good book says,
So try smiling and laughing more, it will brighten up your days.

Someone says it takes more energy to create a frown than a smile,
Some people have a smile as wide as a mile;
You may argue, “What is there to smile about?’’
Things so bad I can hardly open my mouth;
Frowning makes you look more like a crook
But put on a smile and you’ll see how sweet you’ll look.

There is a time for everything under the sun,
A time to smile, and a time to frown;
But when the chips are down relax awhile,
Count your blessings that will make you smile.
When you find it difficult to smile or laugh,
Just cut your frowning in half.

The look on some people’s face can turn anyone away,
But a little smile can make somebody’s day;
You say, “That’s the way I look, I don’t mean a thing’’,
Well my friend, I won’t like to see you crying;
Sometimes we can look so serious,
That even little children are afraid of us.

Now, please don’t get me all wrong,
I am not saying we cannot wear a frown;
Frown on things sinful and what’s not right,
Frown on injustice and evils of the night;
But there are times when we can stop for just for a little while,
To change that frown and replace it with a gentle smile.