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My choice of candidate for ULP in West St George is Curtis King

My choice of candidate for ULP  in West St George is Curtis King

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EDITOR: Election talk is in the air and since Unity Labour Party (ULP) and West St George’s current representative Cecil Mckie will not be running again, my choice of candidate is Mr. Curtis King. As it was said, a person must love people and be in touch with them.

Curtis lives right in the constituency of West St. George. He has always been in touch with people from the various activities and organization that he served. He is someone who is well known by the constituents and well respected. Curtis was involved in the National Youth Council and the SVG Teachers Union. He was also involved in sports in his area. As a head teacher he did a commendable job at the St Vincent Grammar School.

Curtis, we can attest, is a humble and friendly person. He is someone who is easy to talk with. He continues to build a relationship with people. This trait is very important in order to represent people. He, having served as a teacher, would understand the system and would know the struggles of the Vincentian society. Added to that, he comes from a poor family, but has advanced himself, thus showing his determination to succeed. Thus, he would also understand how it feels to be poor and know their struggles.

I am sure much more can be said about the humble gentleman. I therefore urge that ULP don’t take for granted West St. George and underestimate the opposing candidate. The ULP can take for granted that constituency and tell themselves that they have a safe seat, but can find themselves disappointed.

Therefore, they must not make the same mistake they did with the South Leeward constituency, where they failed to recapture that seat because the wrong candidate was selected over the more popular one. Had they run Grenville Williams instead of Jomo Thomas, dont make the mistake you made in South Leeward in 2015.

A ULP Supporter