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How can a man look at another man and call him “my husband”
Or how can a man in his life, call another man ‘’ my wife’ ’and give him a wedding band?
These questions are really quite baffling,
How can a man call another man ‘’my darling’ ’and give him an engagement ring?
I call it nastiness!

For a man to lie with another man
The Bible calls it an abomination;
You know what they call them in my days?
But today they call them homos and gays;
To me, it’s nastiness!

You have woman and woman as well,
Joining their counter-parts on the road to hell;
What a confusion we have in life,
Tell me, which is the husband and which is the wife?
Real nastiness!

But how can two men or two women procreate,
Don’t they put value anymore on God’s mandate?
Then when it comes to the question of divorce,
That would be quite interesting of course;
Such nastiness!

These days everybody fighting for rights,
Gays and lesbians too are in the fight;
They are openly promoting same sex marriage,
And some countries and states are granting them that privilege;
What nastiness!

Imagine a man coming up to you as a man,
And making sexual advances with his hands;
If you are straight, you’ll tell him where to go;
This is not a healthy practise to follow, It’s plain nastiness

Some claim that they were born so,
So they have no choice but to be a lesbian or a homo;
But the creator never made anything half way or in-between,
No one can charge God of been nasty or unclean,
Just nastiness!

Some men go into this thing for the sake of money,
Others are lured by the offer of expensive clothes and jewellery
This life style is most shocking to the highest height,
And so wicked and despicable in the Almighty’s sight,
Watch nastiness!

This world is rampant in immorality,
Our children are falling into it very subtly;
But the thing that worries me about lesbians and homos,
Is that they are very active in some religious circles;
Religious nastiness!

Parents, you can nip this thing in the bud,
Let Jane be Jane and Ehud be Ehud;
Train them up to walk in the truth and in the light,
Then it will be no fault of yours if they choose to go left instead of right;
Cause it will be real nastiness!

Written by: C.Fergus