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Workers, give of your best!

Workers, give of your best!

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EDITOR: Workers are very important to production. Their performance can determine success or failure. If we take a careful look at the performance of workers in this country we would conclude that there is much to be desired of many of them.

We know that in a private company workers are expected to perform. They can lose their jobs for lack of performance. However, civil and public servants seem to think differently. Far too many of these workers do not give an honest day’s work. Many come to work late, leave before work time ends. Sometimes many waste time on the job either having conversations, using the phones, and even leave their workplaces to go shopping or other personal things.

There are some workers who are in positions that they themselves are not qualified to hold and as a result there is a lack of performance. No wonder there is always criticism leveled at some workplaces.

These aforementioned bring to bear the lack of good managerial and supervision skills. I always believe and still do believe that it is time to pay according to performance. Far too often those who do the most work, receive the least pay and recognition, while those who receive the bigger salary sit around wasting time.

Yet, in spite of everything, we would still hear workers talking about salaries when they are not performing as they should. So if persons are paid according to performance, I do believe that we would see an improvement in performances at the workplace and also an improvement in production.

I, therefore, call upon us to give of our best, work hard and honest. After all, we have a country to build. I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a blessed independence.

Kennard King