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Are we true patriots in SVG?

Are we true patriots in SVG?


EDITOR: As we approach our 40th anniversary of Independence, can it be said that many of us are patriots and proud to be vincy? There is no doubt that there are many patriotic Vincentians and those who are proud to be Vincies. While, there are others who because of political affiliation are neither patriotic nor proud to be Vincies.

After 40 years as an independent nation we are still not mature, but rather have become so politically divided that everything has to be painted RED or YELLOW. For many persons they fail to see things as a Vincentian and not as a party supporter. Of course we ought to take into consideration that not everyone will support the party we support and so we ought not to condemn or pull down someone who does not support the party we support. This is so often done on the streets, radios, media in general and else where.

We ought to love our country regardless of which party is in power. For the politicians will come and go, but this country will remain and so would we as Vincentians. Far too often we paint a negative picture of our country on social media and other outlets, simply because we don’t support the ruling party. On the other hand, if someone chooses to be critical he/she is termed anti-government. However, if those individuals constantly criticize and paint a negative imagine of our country it is not hard to see his allegiance politically.

I urge us as Vincentians to love our country. We can be critical yet not belittle our country. In many countries of the world its citizens seem to be more patriotic than we are. Yes, they may not support the current government and would criticize, but they would never paint a negative imagine of their country. They all seem to think that their country is the best.

As we celebrate our independence let us change our mindset. Let us be proud of our country and by doing so, we would encourage visitors to come to our shores. An increase in visitors’ arrival would mean an increase in the revenue of the country and a benefit for a large percentage of our citizens. This of course would benefit persons on both sides of the political fence, whereas, when we belittle our country and make it look bad internationally, we are destroying the potential for economic growth and development. Then it would affect all of us.

Let me take this opportunity to wish this country a happy 40th anniversary of Independence and may we as a people bond together as one, regardless of the party we support. God bless SVG.

Kennard King