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Getting our young people ready for the workplace

Getting our young people ready for the workplace


MADAM Editor: I refer to your editorial of 8th October 2019 titled “The Education Revolution – The Next Level”.

The term Education Revolution which was coined by the Prime Minister, was among other objectives conceptualized to provide all students in SVG with a secondary education. This innovation was initiated at the political policy level and mirrored UNESCO’s Education For All programme.

As you have correctly stated, we have been churning out qualified and certified young people, but they lack the necessary “soft skills” required to perform efficiently and effectively in the work place.

It is my considered opinion that addressing the deficiencies in our young graduates seeking employment as outlined i.e.
(i) problem solving or critical thinking

(ii) flexibility or adaptability

(iii) communication

(iv) leadership

(v) innovation and creativity, is now the responsibility of the education technicians.

The Curriculum Development Unit is most likely the agency within the Ministry of Education best equipped and resourced professionally to spearhead this remedial process.
Curriculum is not static but must be in sync with the broad education needs of an evolving society.

Evern Daisley