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The time to speak frankly

The time to speak frankly


EDITOR: A man of small stature is sometimes so preoccupied with his desire to make a certain impression that he would go to any lengths and often to such depths of ignominious conduct in his effort to discredit the integrity of another and so blinded would end his societal tenure, as an untrustworthy discredited character who had made very strong statements yesteryear with a passion, but has been documented this year of saying the very opposite of what he had said with boldness. What a pitiable waste of talent and useful resources!

The situation prevailing in our beautiful country today dictates that every conscientious Vincentian should, with boldness, speak out in accordance with the level of his competence against the injustices perpetrated by the very persons who had offered their services and passionately pledged to defend the interests of the people in 2001.

They have grown fat in their prosperity, seemingly, those persons who have been entrusted with leadership, are now comfortably settled, assured, and no doubt insured snugly against any change in political fortunes. In the meantime the economic stagnation burdening the majority of citizens is relentless and seriously limits the capacity of the community to hold out that vital hope to the younger people. Those whose silence has been bought by the cure of the plate should be mindful of the approach of a day of reckoning. It is time to speak frankly!

Le Roy Providence