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An expression of gratitude

An expression of gratitude


My interest in Biomedical Engineering sparked from a visit to the main hospital in my country. At the time, I had an appointment for a tooth X-Ray Examination to be done. After several hours of demonstrating patience, the relevant personnel informed us that the X-Ray machine was temporarily dysfunctional. Although unaware of the field of Biomedical Engineering at the time I left the hospital excited to investigate what career encapsulated preventative and corrective maintenance of medical equipment in the healthcare sector. Upon research I found that the relevant field was Biomedical/Clinical Engineering.

I grew up as what one would term the “less fortunate”. I had a very unstable household with an absentee father, and I have lived in several foster homes throughout St Vincent. I had never envisioned that I would also be a product of the Education Revolution. Upon completion of my studies at the Community College, I had just relinquished a job that I had attained for only one day at a security firm and decided to volunteer with the Youth Empowerment Services for about four months before I was informed that I was successful in securing a National Bursary. I would say that this was my proudest accomplishment.

Being a Bursary recipient has opened numerous doors for me. I have developed a more global perspective. Furthermore, I was able to examine the needs of St Vincent and the Grenadines and

to decide based on my personal interests and those of which would affect our economy. My academic experiences through coursework and practical exposure has allowed my interest in the Biomedical field to flourish as a result of the vast acquisition of knowledge on modern medical technology. I am now very eager to contribute to Healthcare Technology Management in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

I have gotten this far in life due to my trust and faith in God. My greatest weakness is the fear of failure and I am currently overcoming this by undertaking many challenging situations.
Throughout my life I have thrived to achieve my goals solely on hard work and determination. My struggles in life have made me a strong person. They have also given me a greater passion for what I am trying to achieve.

Lastly, my utmost praise and thanks to God for providing me with the maturity of strength and courage to write this piece. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to several persons and organisations for their contribution towards my growth and my academic successes – My mother who has always believed in me, my siblings, Mr. James, the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines, my sureties, Mr. Ronald Rose and the Island Scholars Inc., my lecturers and peers during my tenure at the University of the West Indies, professionals within the field with whom I have connected, the St Vincent Electricity Services, Finishing and Furnishing Ltd, The East Caribbean Group of Company, Mrs. Williams, Mrs Pompey, Mr. and Mrs. Jack of Scriptural Search Bible Quiz, Soroptimist International , my mentors, social worker and counsellors, those who prefer not to be named and friends. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage persons who have lost hope in pursuing their dreams. Remember, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.