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Sexual Offenders must feel weight of the law

Sexual Offenders must feel weight of the law


EDITOR: This writer totally condemns rape and any sexual crimes. These crimes can cause a lifetime of pain and destruction to the victims. We know that sexual abuse is not new, it has always existed, as far as we can remember.

Sexual offenders must be made to feel the wrath of the law. However, it is important that parents, and in particular mothers, take on board some very important points to help protect their children from these vicious men.

Mothers must be careful as to who they build a relationship with. Sometimes some men interfere with their step-daughters and step-sons. The history and close observation of the behaviour of the prospective partner must be taken into consideration.

You also need to take a serious look at who your children’s friends are. Sometimes when parents teach their children to beg for money and have actually encouraged them to do so, can cause them to be taken advantage of by men who pretend to be kind.

Educating your children about inappropriate touching and teach them to be careful and be contented with whatever little they have. This could help protect your child against these worthless men. Of importance too, is being there for your children. Be a friend to them, someone they can talk to and trust.

Make your children feel loved and appreciated. When you do, they would not be easily fooled by someone who wants to prey on them. Most of all, we need to pray for and with our children. For we know that the Devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1Peter 5:8). Thus it is the Lord who can really protect our kinds against these wiles of the enemy.

Kennard King