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One name is missing from the list of bursary winners

One name is missing from the list of bursary winners


EDITOR: In your paper of September 6, 2019, the front page with the caption, 48 students awarded National Scholarships, Exhibitions and Bursaries – Sweet Reward; I wish to comment on.

First, I must commend the Government for rewarding students for their hard work and success in 2019. Having said that, I wish to point out one glaring omission from that list.

This has to do with Miss Clemica Fergus, a young female teacher working at the Diamonds Government School. This young lady recently successfully completed an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education at the Community College and was given a special award at the recent graduation ceremony 2019.

Now, one would have thought that she would have been considered for at least some form of bursary, given her outstanding performance in that field. So you could imagine how disappointed she was when her name was not on the list. She doesn’t come from a rich family.

So, I am calling on those concerned to revisit her performance and give Miss Fergus her justice, she worked hard for it. Early Childhood Education is too much an important component in the Education process. Let fair play be seen, thank you.

I am Fair Play.

Clement Fergus