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Rum made me do it!

Rum made me do it!


EDITOR: Rum made me do it! This is indeed an interesting topic. We have songs promoting rum. So it is now the idea that rum is what makes you a man and that it should be taken. We are told in the bible that wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging and whoever gets deceived by it is not wise (Proverbs 20:1).

Alcohol has caused more danger and destruction than marijuana. There are many broken homes and hungry children due to alcohol. We have heard of persons dying by accident due to driving under the influence of alcohol. We recently read about a drowning that occurred as a result of the individual drinking all day.

So while the song “Rum made me do it” and other songs that promote drinking and drunkenness may be entertaining it is in my humble opinion leading our generation down the wrong path. It is promoting drunkenness. Also drunkenness is a curse. We know that such practice carries with it serious consequences.

I, therefore encourage us to be sober and have self control, which are both lacking when someone is drunk. By reducing the intake of alcohol we would have a more stable society, a reduction in crimes, and a reduction in road deaths. It would save more relationships that are broken up due to alcohol abuse.

We know that the sale of alcohol brings in lots of money, but it is a silent killer that destroys both homes and lives. It also destroys society and robs persons of their love ones.

I would encourage people to uphold righteousness and live soberly. But most of all, may we turn our lives over to Jesus Christ and let Him be the Lord of our lives. May God bless this nation.
Kennard King