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An Open letter to the Leader of the Opposition

An Open letter  to the Leader of the Opposition


EDITOR: I am a New Democratic Party (NDP) supporter and I’m tired of waiting on the NDP to become government, 19 years in opposition is a very long time and sad to say, the way the NDP has been operating in the last few months, it appears that they will be in opposition even longer. Dr Godwin Friday you are the Leader and it’s time that you stamp your authority as leader! Mr. Nigel “Nature” Stephenson M.P for South Leeward made a statement at a town hall meeting that your party had, telling Vincentians abroad to stop supporting their family members back home. That’s the worse statement I ever heard coming from a politician. I’m not sure if as leader you reprimanded Mr. Stephenson on the stupid statement he made, but if you haven’t done so then it’s time you did, unless you are saying that your party stands by that statement.

Dr Friday, the next person you need to deal with is Ms. Margaret London, who is a mouthpiece for the NDP. We lost a wonderful human being, Mr. John Horne, a former parliamentarian. Our country was mourning the loss of such a great man, yet Dr Friday, your mouth piece Ms. London showed no respect for this man who did an excellent job for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ms. London, on the NDP New Times radio program encouraged the NDP supporters to boo and heckle Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves if he showed up at Mr. John Horne funeral. In my opinion that was highly disrespectful to the memory of Mr. Horne. Dr Friday, I felt so ashamed by what Ms. London was encouraging NDP supporters to engage in. I’m also expecting you to discipline Ms. London for what she did, and I’m suggesting that you remove her from the New Times program immediately. Would it be fair to say that individuals and businessplaces that sponsor the New Times program share the views of Ms. London and support what she did? It’s time for you to distance yourself from this level of ignorance!

Questions for Dr. Friday: Why are you afraid to remove Ms. London from the New Times program? Are you satisfied with the way she handles herself on the program? Are you aware that Ms. London is destroying the NDP? The image that Ms. London is portraying on the New Times, is that what you, as party leader, expect?

Desperation is creeping into the NDP, aren’t you concerned that this is having a negative impact on the NDP and its way forward? Vincentians are paying very close attention to what the NDP says on air!

Dr Friday, your leadership lacks stability and you need to make stamp your authority on the party. Mr. St Clair Leacock sometimes has a glimpse of consciousness, but often loses his way and then say he is a party man. Daniel Cummings always amazes me, and is he frightening. Patel Matthews and Nigel Stephenson are both lost causes, Terrence Ollivierre appears to be fed up, but is only holding on because he has a safe seat in the Grenadines. Senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste is more like a politician, but she is aging, Senator Israel Bruce, while he is a potential candidate, I am still waiting for the NDP to rectify him.

Dr Friday, I’m asking you to please pay attention to what is taking place right around you because what you are not seeing will come back and hurt you.

Kingsley Defreitas