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Fixing the Forthill road

Fixing the Forthill road


Editor: As a resident of North Leeward and as someone who traverses these roads daily, I would like to address a couple important items. First of all, we must recognize and be grateful for the millions of dollars that are spent in North Leeward on various projects.

We must appreciate the fact that patience must be exercised in relation to many needs that exist. However, some things are more urgent than others. Thus, each need must be evaluated as to its urgency.

With these aforementioned, I would like to draw to the attention of the Ministry of Transport and Works both the importance and urgency of the Forthill road that was damaged in the 2013 flood, but until this day has not fixed. This road has a section that is undermined and can collapse at any time.

It is important to realize that the oldest person in Rose Bank, Mr Daymon Edwards, who is over 100 years old, lives in that area. It is therefore of urgency that the road is dealt with because should the road collapse and he has to be taken to the hospital, it will then be very difficult.

As you traverse the North Leeward road, you will observe there are several edges of the road that are beginning to sink, thus it is of necessity that some attention be given to some of them to avoid a disaster. These areas are the piece of road overlooking the Cumberland Power station. This area has two places where it is beginning to sink. The other areas worth mentioning are at Belle Isle below the Prison where some bamboos are and a little lower, close to the corner.

I know that the latter was looked at previously by engineers, but to date, nothing was done and I do believe also that the road overlooking the Cumberland Power station was looked at, but to date nothing is mentioned as to when and if it will be looked at. I want to believe also that promises were made to have Forthill road dealt with, but to date nothing is done.

I realize that it is a challenge financially to have these things dealt with, considering other projects that need to be dealt with in North Leeward. However, let us not forget the danger these roads pose and the tragedy that can occur if left too long. These needs are a reflection of the neglect given to North Leeward over the years.

Kennard King