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Heavy school bags a burden

Heavy school bags a burden


EDITOR: School days today are far different from my days. Long ago we never use to carry this amount of text and exercise books as we see our children doing today. Many of us could not afford a book bag, unlike today where each child has one.

I have an issues with the heavy bags that our small children have to carry, right up to secondary school. These heavy book bags can cause damage to child’s spine.

Is it really necessary for parents to purchase these many books? Is it so necessary that children have to carry such heavy book bags on their back? Do the children use all the books that they carry to school on a daily basis?

I simply ask the Ministry of Education and those responsible, to put together the syllabus and the ordering of school books, to look into this situation. I am certain that many children would be happy to carry lesser amount of books to school daily, and also a reduction in weight that they have to carry on their back.

Thanks for your understanding. I look forward to a solution to this situation. Let us keep our children healthy.

Kennard King