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Abortion under any circumstance is legal murder

Abortion under any  circumstance is legal murder


EDITOR: In Jeremiah 1: 5, the Lord told Jeremiah that before He formed him in the womb He knew him and ordained him. Thus, even before the fetus in a womb the Lord has already chosen and ordained. So this brings to bear that abortion is wrong.

Regardless of the circumstances under which a lady becomes pregnant, taking a life by the way of abortion is destroying someone whom God would have already ordained for something special. That person who was killed legally may have been a leader or someone that would have made their mother proud.

We just never know what each baby born into this world can become. So aborting a baby because of circumstances is denying such a person from becoming what God wants him/her to become. Besides all of this is the fact that it is murder and we know that no murderer shall inherit the Kingdom of God. It will also bring guilt and have a psychological effect on the mother.
Who knows, such a child may be a Moses or David. Just think about the many persons who are leaders, doctors or someone who is contributing in a meaningful way, who, if they were aborted, would never have had the opportunity.

I must congratulate those mothers who became pregnant under difficult circumstances and choose not to abort the child, but allowed that child to come and become productive. I guess today there are many mothers who can testify to the fact that had they aborted their child they would have made a big mistake and would have felt guilty, but instead are proud of that child and would have said, “Thank God I did not abort that child.”

Abortion under any circumstance is legal murder and is a crime committed against humanity. Let us,by the help of God, give each child a chance to become somebody. May God bless this nation?

Kennard King