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What was the motive behind the ‘Adventist wins lotto’ headline?

What was the motive behind the ‘Adventist wins lotto’ headline?


Editor: We know that journalists and news reporters play a very important role in any country. They can cause strife, unrest, peace etc., and sometimes these media persons lack depth and accuracy.

Some of them here in SVG are far from being balanced and neutral. Sometimes you wonder what constitutes news or a story. Often times these news articles are written the way the reporter or journalist personally sees it, and sometimes they would report irrelevant matter just to cause mischief and strife.

On the issue of the person who won the lottery, the fact that he is Seventh Day Adventist is not news. Persons have always won the lotto, but we have before never heard about the religious body with which they associate.

So having his name mentioned as belonging to the Adventist church leads one to wonder what was the motive behind stating his denomination. Is it really important to mention that he is an Adventist? What is the editor of such news hoping to achieve, or what was he trying to convey? This, my friend, is mischievous reporting.

There are other cases where the real issue was omitted from the report and irrelevant information took precedence over the real news. This is indeed how some journalists and reporters operate. It is sad that some have their own political agenda and so would be bias towards a particular party.

We know that journalists and reporters can be powerful, they can cause harm and they can also be fair and balanced. I wish that we would have more journalists that present in-depth information without bias, and generally, a good standard of reporting.

Before I end, let me say thanks on behalf of the many drivers that traverse the North Leeward road, for the reconstruction of the wall at Coulls Hill, and also to the Traffic Police for their regular patrols and for being on the ball in many instances.

Indeed it is commendable that they have placed a no-parking sign on the side next to the Questelles gas station. Too many vehicles are usually parked there, just below the gas station and above the police station, and also at Buccament next to the Wesleyan Holiness Church. This can be dangerous, in terms of pedestrian safety and easy traffic flow. It is my hope that other areas be looked at.

Thanks and may we have a blessed SVG.

Kennard King