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Policing at its best

Policing at its best


EDITOR: On a recent trip from the Southern Grenadines I was pleasantly surprised with the manner with which a police officer dealt with a group of youngsters caught with a bottle of my favorite wine, Stone Ginger wine, 14.5 % alcohol per volume (acl/vol). One good shot and you’re stoned. I use a capful as a ‘gas breaker’ before meals once or twice a week, so a bottle will last me about four months.

We were all on the same ferry from Union Island to Kingstown. What happened was impromptu. As the youngsters were moving around the boat, they were passing the police officer who was at the time dressed in plain clothes.

The lads apparently were known by the police officer who knew that these boys were all between 12 and 14 years. On approaching, the officer noticed that the youngster leading the pack had a bottle of wine with about one thirds of its contents already consumed.

He promptly took it away without asking a question.

The youngsters realizing their misdemeanor did not even utter any swear words, as they seemed to have respect for the police officer who did the correct thing. The police officer did not even give a verbal reprimand, his action served as the best possible reprimand. I am certain that the youngsters know that the legal drinking age is 18.

That short incident in my opinion could have a lasting positive effect on these youngsters and all youngsters experimenting with alcohol reading this article. I want to use this medium to congratulate that officer for saving the lives of those handful of youths. Alcohol addiction among teens globally is an increasing public health concern and if we can stem that tide here in SVG, we will be taking a step in the right direction. Nuff respect officer !!!

When you drink too much alcohol you can pass out and it is impossible to know what is being done to you when you are stone drunk, and when you do know, it will be too late….

HIV positive, pregnant or infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or sore for weeks from multiple penetrations. So my advice to youngsters is to stay away from alcoholic beverages altogether.

Your future is at stake.

Donald De Riggs