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God has given us every herb, including marijuana

God has given us every herb, including marijuana


EDITOR: And God said, “see, I have given you every herb (including marijuana) that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yield seed; to you it shall be for food… Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good”. Genesis 1:29-31.

Some people sometime ago said, directly or indirectly, that God was wrong to say marijuana was very good. Marijuana is dangerous for the human health and because that an international law was enacted. Our government and people are of the opinion that as a Christian nation the God of creation said that marijuana is very good for food/health and laws are about to be enacted for the good use of the herb.

One thing we all have to remind ourselves is if these laws are not strong enough to give justice and security to all players there will be more bloodshed and killing than what took place in the hills, sea and elsewhere.

Not forgetting the political battlefield at this moment – The NDP voicing what they see as short-coming in the bills to become law soon, and the splitting of the Rasta movement -NDP/ULP.

The NDP will be in a better place if they promise the nation that they will legalize marijuana for recreational use, when and if they are placed in government.

Finally, if this marijuana industry kicks off on a good footing it will be able to bring back our food basket, the marketing (board) co-operative and make room for more teachers in schools, just as banana did. But we have to be careful with the foreign and local sharks. God said, the herb in legal.

Newton George
Christian Democrat