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Neither a Slave or a Jackass

Neither a Slave or a Jackass


Editor: There seems to be a perception by some persons that they are more learned than anyone else, that they can throw insults at others who do not hold the same position that they do on any issue.

I am a proud black woman and by no means consider myself to be inferior. I have independence of thought, I have the ability to analyze a situation and weigh the pros and cons. I am by no means mentally or otherwise enslaved. In fact, I believe that persons who have no appetite for divergent views are indeed enslaved. What do you call someone who refers to the people he’s so concerned about, as black jackasses?

This illogical discourse of black and white can be taken in any direction, but to do so will be to help to imbed the kind of racism some have been promoting. They are trapped with the thought that electorates have no functioning brain neurons. St Clair Leacock said that too many black people are following the ULP. The assault against the intellect of black people seems to be either a continuation of that rhetoric or the new “sanky”. I advise those whose brains are so encapsulated by their own reality, to take a look at the “man in the mirror”. Speaking about inferiority complex, I wonder why, in all the discourse, there seem to be a grudge against the Honorable Camillo Gonsalves and his father, Dr, Ralph E. Gonsalves?

Failure to see or to accept the position of another, is myopic at least. To continue to punch the black and white bag then cry wolf is sanctimonious. Your hands are not clean.

I am a black woman and a proud supporter of the Unity Labour Party. I do not agree with everything done by the ULP administration. I believe in the projects undertaken to enhance the quality of life of the Vincentian people. I believe in the philosophy of the party.

Dr Audrey Gittens