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High way robbery

High way robbery


Editor: Highway robbery is very common but goes unnoticed many times. When lawyers rip off clients and rob them that is highway robbery. There are some persons who wear the cloak of preachers yet make a business of Christianity. They seek to enrich themselves from the gospel. This practice is also highway robbery.

Many airlines charge a high for luggage that is sent through and not carried on. So you have already paid for your airfare, plus insurance and yet you still have to pay for your luggage, added to that if it is overweight then there is another charge. That ladies and gentlemen is another case of highway robbery.

The high bank charges for various kinds of transactions coupled with the low interest rate that is given for your savings is another example of highway robbery. When businesses take advantage of its customers by giving them inferior products and charging them a price for a genuine product, that my friend is also highway robbery. Also when charges are made for products that are expired or no good.

Ladies and gentlemen, highway robbery will continue to live amongst us. But we need to be aware of this fact and if possible avoid some of these situations that can be lead to highway robbery.

However, I must admit that it is many times unavoidable. Thus, we need to have some of these situations addressed and dealt with by those in authority.

The sad thing is that in many cases there is no justice for the victims.

Kennard King