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Parenting plays big role in outcome of children

Parenting plays big role in outcome of children


EDITOR: Parenting plays a vital role in determining what a person will eventually become. Of course we know that there are exceptions and that some children don’t always turn out as expected. At the same time, there are some who stray away from the guidance at home.

Be that as it may, parents should still chart a course for their children. Far too many mothers are guilty of child abuse. This may surprise many, but when a mother says negative things to a child, referring to him as becoming worthless like his father or that he is no good, these negative vibes are cemented into a child mind and many times that child turns out doing things that are bad or turns out bad.

When children are abandoned, they end up on the streets and eventually get involved in criminal activities. Such a child seeks acceptance and love and when he/she does not get it at home, then the gangs and the drug lords make them feel appreciated and wanted. As a result, they become involved in criminal activities. This cycle is likely to continue, in that those children sometimes end up treating their spouse and children the same way they were treated at home. Thus, it lends itself to generations following the same pattern.

Physical and verbal abuse is sometimes handed down to children. Sometimes mothers do it when the children’s fathers fail to properly take of his/her child. This can lead to children developing anger and grow up being an angry person. These individuals sometimes don’t know how to love. This will then pass on to their children and so the cycle continues.

Many times, teenage pregnancies sometimes result from some of the above mentioned factors. There are some mothers who generally turn a blind eye to the abuse meted out to their children by their stepfathers or close relatives. Turning a blind eye to sexual abuse can lead a child to suicide, committing sexual offences and even murder or other crimes. In many cases, girls who have been abused sexually, feel worthless and have low self-esteem. For some boys, they would seek revenge in the case of physical or even sexual abuse.

Time would not permit to elaborate. But suffice it to say that many of the ills of society are as a result of poor parenting. Sometimes mothers neglect or abandon a child in preference to her man. This is one of the scourges of society. We must bear in mind that parents ought to be role models and what they do can affect their children later in life.

However, it is not too late. Let us begin the healing process by open communication, followed by honesty, love and forgiveness and also a willingness to make things right. Let us continue to pray for the home and save this nation. God bless SVG.

Kennard King