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Thank you, for work done in both North Leeward and North Windward


EDITOR: Far too often we fail to say thanks. As a people we take pleasure in being critical, but seldom say thanks when it is necessary.

With the afore mentioned, I take this opportunity to say thanks for commencing some work in the constituency of North Windward, and in particular, addressing the damage done in that constituency by the floods.
I know that it is only two areas, but we are thankful. Also much thanks for the work that is being done in the constituency of North Leeward. To add to the many projects current and completed are the two bridges at Fitzhughes – Golden Grove and the bridge at the Vinlec power station. For these we are thankful.

Many thanks also are in order for the various road repairs that are being done. As a resident of North Leeward, and as someone who have written before on the state of the roads in North Leeward, namely, Dark view and some other areas, I must say thanks for giving some attention to these areas.

I know that we can argue that it is the government’s responsibility to fix these roads and do what was previously mentioned. However, despite that, they could have continued to neglect these areas, but they have addressed it. Therefore as a citizen of this country, I must say thanks.

Let me continue to remind those in authority that a wall is still to be built in Coulls Hill. I know that it would cost money and it can be argued that it is in the pipeline to be done, but it is needed.

A retaining wall where it previously existed can be done. This will not be as expensive as trying to do otherwise in terms of plan for that section of road. Yes, it can be costly and we must be patient. However, we need to constantly remind those who are responsible that efforts must be made in rebuilding the wall.

Kennard King