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Congrats to the KPS – 70 years old

September 8, 1948 - September 8, 2018


EDITOR: Kingstown Preparatory School opened its doors on September 8, 1948 – 70 years ago.

On that day, 25 tiny boys and girls walked through its portals. Over the years, thousands more have passed through them, and Its success speaks for itself.

There are many pupils overseas; many have passed on to the great beyond. There are, however, some still here in St. Vincent.

We must also remember the devoted teachers who imparted knowledge to us. Many have passed on; others are in retirement, and of course, those who are currently here.

We can only wish the Kingstown Preparatory School continued progress, and continued success.

May Prep School go from strength to strength, and may God’s blessings continue to shower down upon you, and keep you always.
Long live the Kingstown Preparatory School.

Kathleen Huggins
Patricia Clouden
Grace Eustace
Ace Foundation Pupils