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Those vagrants – a sad and unfortunate situation


Editor: Vagrants are very popular not only in SVG, but in almost every part of the world. It can be said that they are increasing here. They, however, have an interesting story. Most of them are victims of circumstances which they could not cope with.{{more}}

When you listen to their story of how they ended up on the streets homeless, you have to wonder where is the love and support of relatives and friends? Many of these vagrants were at one time in their lives employed, respected and are also intelligent. Some of them have come from respectable and presumably good families, yet they end up on the streets as vagrants.

It surely would be nice to have these persons return to their homes or a place of sanctuary. In most cases, they are not homeless because they have no home. Some do not have any home to go to. It is indeed a sad and unfortunate situation. They have nevertheless survived and are making it in life.

They can be a nuisance to both locals and visitors alike, for many times they are seen begging for money or things to eat. It sure would be nice if the Social Welfare Department or some organization takes the responsibility of reaching out to these persons, hearing their story and trying to get in contact with the relatives of these persons.

I guess some of them would need psychological help, counselling and in some cases, a place to live. I know that the Government cannot do everything. Therefore, I am recommending that the aforementioned department or an organization take on board the responsibility to reach out to these persons and their relatives and friends. The main idea is so that these persons can be taken back into homes of their loved ones and friends.

Let us be reminded that regardless of the circumstances a person faces, he/she has value. It is time that we show love and reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves. I think it is time that their relatives and friends reach out to them in support, love and appreciation.

Most importantly, we know that love is powerful and so are prayer and forgiveness. Let us learn from these persons and realize that we need to support persons who are close to us. Sometimes a person may do things contrary to what we know is right; nevertheless, let us love, care and support those around us and whom God has allowed to be in our lives. Christ can also make a difference in the lives of any person.

Kennard King