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Brimming with joy over Dr Jason Haynes’ achievement


Editor: I crave a little space in your papers to offer plaudits to Dr Jason Haynes on his remarkable academic achievements at such a tender age. I take this opportunity to say how elated I am, as one of his former teachers at St Martin’s Secondary School, that a former student and valedictorian has attained such awards. It is almost mind-boggling to think that a son of the dirt-poor (no offence, Dr Haynes) could achieve such distinctions, all before his 26th birthday.{{more}}

His attainment of a PhD from a prestigious British university, the University of Durham, is no mean feat. And come to think of it, it is in the discipline of Law – the hitherto exclusive preserve of family lawyers and the well-to-dos in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Dr Haynes has made history: the first at his age to do so and from underprivileged folk.

The Prime Minister must be brimming over with joy to see ‘poor people pickney’ achieving these heights, as he often says: “Let the young people soar like eagles with wings unclipped.” He must be saying to himself that he has been successful in his much-vaunted Education Revolution, that he broke down the barriers (especially in the legal fields of human endeavour), that the poor can also become lawyers, doctors, engineers, astronomers, etc. In other words, the PM can claim success in “kicking down” the doors of the old establishment and creating a meritocracy in our fair land.

Dr Jason Haynes has proven without a doubt that the poor also have what it takes to excel and change their circumstances. He has entered and joined a pantheon of eminent scholars who have enriched our Caribbean civilization. The teachers and fellow colleagues salute you. You have really made St Martin’s proud and we wish you every joy and success in your sojourn among the stars. Your success makes us feel, after all, we have not worked in vain.

Congratulations are also in order for his dear mother, whose nose must be really swollen. Mom, you have been blessed. Dr Haynes, you have done us proud, and we wish God’s blessing on you and your calling.

Godson Cain