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Break the cycle – Go with Mr Belmar

Break the cycle – Go with Mr Belmar


EDITOR: As elections draw near for the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines, the Northern Grenadines is feeling a wind of change. Over time, young people in the constituency have been showing increased interest in the Unity Labour Party. Although the ULP representative for the Northern Grenadines is not the one representing this constituency, Mr Herman Belmar has worked diligently to help improve lives and build the community.{{more}} As time passed and we ourselves have matured and come into our own, we the younger generation have seen the changes in the island, listened to and observed the national discourse, and we are now saying enough is enough, we will “break the cycle”. The uprising of the youths is the engine behind the party’s growth in the Northern Grenadines. Over the 14-year period that the ULP has been in government, some people on the island still choose to be blind to what has happened under Herman Belmar and the ULP government. So, let me share some things you may not know or may not wish to acknowledge.

  • Under education;

“Built the new and modern state-of-the-art Bequia Anglican Primary School. Built the new and current state-of-the-art Pre-School and Early Childhood Centre attached to the Primary School.

  • “Returned to the Anglican Church its school property that was illegally taken away by the former NDP administration.
  • “Distributed free laptops to children in primary and secondary schools.
  • “Improved markedly the access to and quality of secondary education.
  • Constructed a brand new and modern lab at the Bequia Community High School.
  • Installed computer labs in all schools, including the primary schools.

  • Repaired and refurbished all schools on the island, including substantial spending on the Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary School.

  • Health, Wellness & the Environment

” In partnership with known funding agencies, constructed a brand new and modern state-of-the-art clinic at Port Elizabeth.

  • ” Built a brand new and modern hospital at Port Elizabeth, which will include an accident and emergency department, a dental clinic, and large water storage tanks.
  • ” Rehabilitated the Paget Farm clinic to include an HIV/AIDS counselling unit and providing health service to the public 24 hours a day.
  • ” Pioneered the public use of Green Energy on the island through the establishment of a 75 KW photovoltaic system that provides the energy for the desalination plant.
  • Potable water through desalination

Using his own initiative Belmar spearheaded the project to deliver water to Paget Farm and with the support of volunteer community builders he led activities and:

  • Acquired Government lands and constructed a reservoir for the desalination plant at Derrick Hill.
  • Constructed new access road to the water storage tank from lower La Pompe to Upper Derrick Hill (Broad Road)
  • Procured and established a 20,000-gallon water tank that distributes water from Upper Derrick Hill to Paget Farm and provides access to water for all of Bequia.
  • Procured and erected an expansion tank of 40,000 gallons which increases the storage capacity of potable water to 60,000 gallons.
  • Established a reverse osmosis desalination plant at the Fisheries compound that can produce 20,000 gallons of drinking water per day.

(This past dry season Paget Farm people were supplied with water constantly, never having had to buy or suffer from a lack of water.)

  • Installed pipelines to get water to other sections of Paget Farm.
  • Next step is to expand piped water delivery to upper La Pompe and beyond.
  • Solid Waste Management Services and Landfill

Improved significantly the quality of life for all Bequia, through the provision of efficient and effective Solid Waste Management Services and Landfill Maintenance, including bi-weekly garbage collection on the island where, previously, meals could not be served at home or at restaurants without the constant fanning away of flies.

  • Sport and Culture

Constructed a retaining wall to prevent the pavilion on the Clive Tannis playing field from collapsing.

  • Repaired and improved the entire pavilion, including new roofing, installation of a water tank, toilets, septic system and lighting.

  • Facilitated the revival of the Easter Regatta on-Shore activities in 2015.
  • Fisheries

Rebuilt, modernized and extended the Fisheries Centre

  • Facilitated the improvement in exporting and marketing of lobster in 2015
  • NGOs Collaboration

Collaborated with NGO and community group to enable the refurbishment of the upper floor Paget Farm Community Centre.

  • Led community groups (NGOs) efforts in the funding partnership and construction of:

1. A farine shed at Jellizeau

2. A fully functioning library at Paget Farm

3. A 20,000-gallon water storage and pumping system at Union Vale

4. An attractive and well-appointed public toilet and shower at Port Elizabeth.

These are just some of the good news and accomplishments of a man the people of the Northern Grenadines have not elected to Parliament, yet he worked and continues to work unselfishly for the same people. NDP supporters and the unconscionable would say “this is because Dr Friday has no say in Parliament and that the Prime Minister don’t listen to him because he is opposition.” Well, people of the Northern Grenadines, you should know that the Hon Prime Minister has repeatedly said to Dr Friday, “Friday, come and talk to me, come to my office and tell me what Bequia needs … you are the elected representative.”

Dr Friday, the people of Bequia would like to know how you responded and WHY, WHY, WHY ……? As the person the people elected to represent them why have you not put pride aside and fight for them instead of having them believe you are powerless. Yes, we have all heard them say that, but we all know that is just an excuse. The sad thing is, though, that they believe you. Why do you feign helplessness? If you really cared for us and wanted to work hard for the people wouldn’t you knock on every door, demand to be heard by ministers responsible until you get a piece of the pie for the Northern Grenadines people?

Dr Friday, we are smart young people. We know that opportunities and doors were open to you many times, and you did nothing with them other than to make your followers in Bequia feel that you were unfairly treated. We heard you (we do listen) as you squandered the opportunities in the House of Parliament. When the Prime Minister answered you in the House you chose instead to leave your people in the dark because your radio station would always cut away when the answers were given. Such a shame! Technology is too advanced today to keep people fooled, so that is why growing numbers of us young people in the Northern Grenadines will no longer follow tradition and vote with our parents. We are too enlightened now. We are breaking the cycle.

While you keep your distance from the people, except of course at election time, your supporters fight and ‘throw down’ on Mr Belmar and his supporters on a daily basis because he leads from the front and takes the initiative to put himself out there and solicit funds for community projects, all for a people and an island he truly loves. This is not to say that you Dr Friday do nothing but go into Parliament and talk foolishness. I have to say though, that if I were the representative, to solidify and increase my support, I would have done my very best to make sure that every project done on the island had my name to it. But you can’t do that Dr Friday, because remember, you threw up your hands and said I have no power and the people bought into that. On the other hand, Mr Belmar is not given power by the people’s vote, but he always looks for how he can solve their problems. Ask many of your supporters, Dr Friday, and they will tell you that he never turns them away because of their politics. What a man! We do not hear his voice in Parliament, but we sure do see his actions. You can’t measure up, Dr Friday, you just can’t. It is too late to start now.

In closing, I am asking the NDP youths of the Northern Grenadines to stop their lies and to do their homework before telling falsehoods. How can you be so bold-faced to tell the community of Bequia that Dr Friday is responsible for the water project in Paget Farm when he was nowhere to be seen during the planning, negotiating and implementation of that project? In fact, none of you were anywhere near that project. How can you take credit for something you know little of? Get your facts straight and stop embarrassing yourselves. For more information on that project, please see Northern Grenadines Unity Youths Facebook page, and then please talk to Belmar.

Dr Friday, I think you would do well to coach your youths about the truth of what has been done under this administration and Mr Belmar. It is good for them to know these things.

Yes, it is I, a Bequia youth, who addressed you before and I will continue to inform people about the truth. I believe it is you yourself who answered my letter last week (and not another Bequia youth) and I am very sure that the people of Bequia will now see more of you, FINALLY!

As the election draws near, and you start your walkabouts, only to disappear (right before our eyes) after it is finished, I want to ask the people of the Northern Grenadines, especially the young people like myself, not to be fooled again. This is our time. Let us make a difference.

Break the cycle of the tradition and give your support to A Proven Leader in Community Development, an Educator, a Genuine, Dependable and Compassionate servant of and for the PEOPLE of the Northern Grenadines.