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Flee, children, from the church of Babylon


EDITOR: WOE to you evil shepherds, WOE to you evil pastors; you teach Yah’s people lie. You won’t even teach them the true Sabbath. You tell them any day will do, but I ask you this question. What was good enough for the creator is it ungood enough for you?

So, run little sheep and run little lambs. Those full of YAHUVEH anointing Yah Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) run from the church of Babylon, so they do not cave in on you, so Yah can fill you with Yah fire of the Holy Spirit, for the churches of Babylon say one religion is the same as another;{{more}} they tell you that God is just love. One world religion is the next step to the anti-Christ.

Oh, it is true YAH has a few churches, but so very few are full of YAHUVEH Holy Spirit. YAH speaks to the people in them now – go to your pastors and tell them the truth, remind them of the ten commandments YAH has given you; remind them the Sabbath was set up from creation when YAH formed this world; then that pastor will be held accountable whether he teaches the congregation the truth.

YAH look in these churches of Babylon and YAHUVEH sees nothing but dried up bones. YAH look one who sat on a throne, carries a sceptre and wears a crown, issues his command, is worshipped by millions worldwide and yet YAH Ruach ha kodesh (Holy Spirit) not inside, instead the anti-messiah spirit resides. There is no Christ within him and even the staff he carries speaks this. This is a Babylonian religion, the one despises the true Sabbath for this man-made Sabbath.

YAH true children, go to your pastors and warn them and if they will not listen, then flee, for you will have proven that the Holy Spirit has truly spoken through thee. Flee children from the church of Babylon for it will come crashing down. The crystal cathedrals are a stench to YAHUVEH’s nostrils.

Jeremiah 23 – WOE to the shepherds that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture? Say YAHUVEH therefore, thus says YAHUVEH, the elohim of Israel, against the shepherd that feed my people you have scattered my flock and driven them away. I will visit upon you the evil of your doing, says YAHUVEH.

Yah descendant
Teddi Bernard