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Well done, Ms Charles!


Editor: I am a regular listener to WE FM radio station in Questelles, and for the past three or four years I have listened intensively to the VIEW POINT programmes; I have never missed any. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from these programmes, especially on Tuesdays, presented by Ms Roseclair Charles. I am not sure how many people listen to these programmes, but I want to encourage everyone to listen every week.{{more}}

I cannot resist from publicly appreciating Ms Roseclair’s programme of Tuesday, August 4, 2015. This particular programme was very well structured and very informative; I was glued to my radio and wished it was longer. This programme enlightened persons like myself to a deeper insight of the Slave Trade, coming from someone who actually lived, worked and interacted with our African brothers and sisters.

Ms Charles gave brief information on how our foreparents were treated in Gambia, Senegal and Ghana, while awaiting to be shipped across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas. She also shared her own feelings while visiting these sites; while I listened, I imagined myself being there as well; I felt very emotional. I will never forget this particular programme and wish that WE FM can repeat it several times so that others can hear and learn from it.

At a time like this when all we are hearing is about the Garifuna and Africa, I personally think Mr Ramos should have been introduced to Ms Charles to get a better knowledge of what actually happened during the Slave Trade, coming from someone who physically stepped foot on these sites and knows the history.

On a more serious note though, I think that the Government and other organizations should utilize persons like Ms Roseclair Charles to enlighten us on “Life on the Continent” from the eyes of someone who spent a long time among our brothers and sisters; the younger generation coming up will benefit greatly from her.

Kudos to you, Ms Charles, and keep up the good work; it is my hope that one day Vincentians will be able to read about your experiences on the motherland. Do keep educating us on different social issues. You are a true “daughter of our soil”.

Gerald Richards