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Destruction is looming …Wake up people!


Editor: While events continue to remind us that the end is near, many are still living carelessly – unconcerned about their soul’s salvation. There are those who speak without an ounce of gratitude to Him who is the Giver for their very breath. Still, there are those who know better, but think it is fashionable to justify prevailing errors and abomination in the name of ‘progress and tolerance’.{{more}} All who continue to live defiantly, with no thanks and regard for the extending mercy of The Almighty YHWH, will soon face His wrath.

Warnings are all around us of the perilous times in which we live. On June 15, Shepard Smith of Fox News reported that scientists were predicting a mega earthquake that would destroy “a big portion of the Pacific Northwest.” Mass devastation is predicted, with thousands of deaths, destruction of millions of buildings, including schools and fire stations. They predict that the earthquake would be up to 9.2 margin rupture quake. This is worse than Japan’s 2011 quake, which caused massive devastation.

Some persons may slight such reports with the thought that “oh, that’s far away from us.” However, we are not exempt. The recent activities by Kick ‘em Jenny volcano should remind us of our vulnerability. Yet still, the afore-mentioned are just foreshadows of the great soon-future destruction. Do you know that the Almighty has already warned of the great earthquake under the seventh plague? Read it for yourself. ” …And there were voices, and thunders, and lightning; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great…” Revelation16:17-21. The only security we have is in Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter how strong you build your house, how much millions you have, how much underground bunkers you build…Only those whose hearts have been changed by the truths of Jesus Christ and who maintain the change by continuing in obedience to all of God’s commandments will be saved from the impending destruction. He has promised, with certainty, protection of His people: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble…”


To You, who doubt the plain word of God because you want to continue in your sinful pleasures and try to convince yourself that “everything is alright,” do you know this was the same attitude of those who were destroyed by the flood in Noah’s day? To the scoffers and mockers, do you know that the Bible talks about you too? In fact, God in His great mercy warns you to “be ye not mockers” Isa. 28:22.

The destruction of this earth is imminent. If you are spending time searching the Scriptures and noting the signs, you would know the lateness of time and you would prepare. The Almighty will make this earth ‘desolate’. It is not a question of “if”. It will happen. How do YOU stand?

Ann-Marie Ballantyne

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