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Criticism, if not constructive, is unjust and worthless


Editor: On my way to work some mornings ago, I tuned into a radio station and was quite disheartened at what I heard being discussed. It is all good and well for us to criticize the Government. It has been very good, but not perfect. But the criticism must be constructive or in the least reasonable.{{more}}

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) has been in office now for 14 years and to date, the accusation of “election gimmickry” has not been justifiably laid against them. Think back to the last three campaigns since 2001. The ULP has consistently delivered on all its promises to the Vincentian electorate. Ask yourself, can it be said that Dr Gonsalves has ever misled the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) for election purposes? The answer is no.

So why should the announcement that an agreement has been signed with Canadian investors desirous of making several investments in SVG been levelled with this criticism of being “election gimmickry”? Dr Gonsalves stated that the agreement was signed around Carnival. Due diligence has been done and the developers desire to construct hotels and villas, a golf course, clubhouse, boardwalk, a creative arts and convention centre and the renovation of the Kingstown Bus Terminal (Little Tokyo) is also within the fourth term plan of the Government. The work to be done to Little Tokyo was budgeted since January of this year I am aware.

Is it that the developments are impossible or improbable? I don’t think so. We see these development’s happening all around the Caribbean. What happen, ‘goat bite we’ in St Vincent? Has Dr Gonsalves ever been known to speak with water in his mouth? The history of the ULP should speak for itself. The construction of the Rabacca Bridge over the Dry River and the Argyle international airport have both been unjustly criticized by the NDP. The Rabacca bridge has been complete for quite some time now and the Argyle international airport nears completion. The people of SVG have been reaping the fruits of the bridge and we are beginning to taste the fruits of the airport.

The evidence is that whenever the ULP makes a promise, it delivers. I will bet my last dollar that the ULP is capable of delivering these projects. I particularly look forward to the geothermal energy project being completed. While the ULP continues to make the big decisions and secure the future of our country, the NDP continues to major in the minor.

Remember this, “Criticism, if not constructive, is unjust and worthless”.

Kezron JS Walters