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Food outlets – Be sanitary at ALL Times!


Editor: The Trinidad Express newspaper of July 20, 2015 carried an article entitled: “3 Chinese restaurants shut down – San Fernando City Police seize food.” The reason was due to the unsanitary conditions at those restaurants. How important it really is that restaurants and other food outlets practise good hygiene when dealing with food. I do commend those food outlets that are sanitary. Keep up the good practice.{{more}}

However, at some bakeries, it has become a custom for ONE person to be dealing with handling bread and money. So that baker/seller gives the bread to a buyer, collects the money then uses that same hand to pick up bread and sell to another buyer, and so it goes on. I’m sure that no owner of a bakery will be happy if health inspectors order him/ her to close down. Thus, any bakery practising unhealthy ways in dealing with bread, cakes etc should discontinue such practices immediately! Ensure that cockroaches and rats are kept out. Cover bread etc from flies and keep dogs out too. Also, try to have at least two persons at the bakery at all times. One person collects the money. The other person sells the bread etc, making sure that his/her hands are clean, even if it means washing hands often. Doing so, bakery owners will definitely feel proud when they hear people say things like: “I love to buy bread at Mr/Mrs A… bakery. It’s always clean…” More importantly, good health is preserved for us all.

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