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Rose Bank celebrates with its centurion


Editor: Not often we hear of someone reaching the milestone of 100 years. However, on Saturday, July 11, 2015, the community of Rose Bank celebrated the 100 years of its legend Daymond Edwards. He was born July 6, 1915.{{more}}

It was a very memorable occasion as children, grands and great grands, along with relatives and friends and the community of Rose Bank shared in the memorable occasion. Congratulations are in order for his longevity on life. It was truly a blessed and joyous occasion. I am certain that it added some spice to his life, as many give glowing commendation to a man who has made a sterling contribution to his community.

It was very touching and encouraging to see him at his age dancing and playing the BUM DRUM, which he played for many years up until recent times. He on that day still had a reasonable memory and is still energetic.

He is not only an ardent cricket follower, but a die-hard Labour supporter. His contribution needs to be kept and documented. It is indeed good that he received some of his proverbial flowers while he is alive so that he can enjoy them.

His contribution in agriculture, cricket, politics and even in bum drum can never be overstated. This writer personally takes this opportunity to thank his daughter for her sterling contribution in taking care of her father all of his life. He and my father were personal friends. As a matter of fact, Mr Edwards was my dad’s best friend. My dad died on Mr Edwards’s birthday. Now that he is not in good strength in the latter years of his life, it is my hope that he will not be forgotten, especially by his party that he loves and cherishes and that he would live to see many more years.

In closing, I would like to briefly characterize his life and contribution thus far by using his name DAYMOND in acrostic. D is for a determined and dedicated man, both to his family and community. A is for his Amicableness. He is indeed an amicable individual. Y is for the Yeoman Service he rendered, both to his family and community. M is for the many skills and talents he possesses. He was involved in the previously mentioned, thus makes him Multitalented. O is for the Orderliness he displayed, even up to the present. He has never got himself into any trouble. Thus, it is safe to say that he was indeed an orderly man. N is for the fact the he had a ‘Never say die’ attitude. He never believed in giving up.

Indeed Daymond Edwards is DEFINITELY a legend. We are indeed proud of him and we salute him on his memorable day. Not many men are like him, for he is indeed a role model and truly a stalwart of whom we are proud. God bless you, DAYMOND EDWARDS, and may you live to see many more years to come. We love you.

Kennard King