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Not here – sodomy and buggery should remain illegal in SVG


Editor: “The wheat and tares have to grow together until the day of judgement” – the Words of Jesus Christ.

There is a continuing hue and cry about same sex marriages which will continue ad infinitum because those persons who abhor abominable and deviant behaviour will always speak out against it and those who relish a literally stinking relationship will always justify their immorality.{{more}}

The fundamental weakness of democracy

As a young teen, growing up around people who talked politics, I constantly heard the term ‘democracy’ and decided to research its meaning and came to the conclusion that simply put, ‘democracy is the rule of the majority.’ … As young as I was then, I mused, “this is a dangerous system; what if the majority held an incorrect position, what then would be the fate of those in the ‘minority’ who held the correct position or no position at all ?” What I pondered on then, is now a growing world reality. Ireland just a few weeks ago conducted a referendum allowing same-sex relations and in the USA five judges decided that same-sex marriage is now legal in 50 states, leading world nations allowing aberrant behaviour and lifestyles by law. Since the most abominable is now permissible, it would now be quite easy for sons to want to marry their mothers, brothers to sisters, fathers to sons or daughters and so on … a morally dangerous trendset!

Despite not being homophobic, I, like many others, view same-sex relations as unnatural, obnoxious (literally) and a recourse to by psychologically weak men or women who cannot accept that a man/woman relationship (even though they do not believe in God Almighty) is the natural way of life. I’ll be very simplistic here. If all men and women were restricted to same-sex relations, it will be the end of the human race, because they will be unable to procreate naturally! So eventually they would die out as lesbians and ‘bowlers’ and nothing except animal life left on this planet until ape morphs into man again, according to evolutionists…and the latter ain’t ever going to happen! …We are here now, but would not be here forever !

Let us face some facts of our existence on this planet; man will never know everything, even man’s collective wisdom is foolishness with God Almighty. Another constant during our existence is ‘change;’ we were not always here, but we are here now, but we will not always be here on planet earth, so the hereafter is based on the choices we make today. That tiny, but powerful spirit of life that resides in a microscopic sperm, that via natural processes changes into a human, will not always exist in the flesh; it will change from infant to adult and eventually the physical features will no longer exist due to death, but that energy or spirit of life that kept the body alive will continue to exist. While alive in the flesh, we are the ones who will determine where that spirit will reside in the future, because as humans we have the privilege of ‘making choices’ and the correct choices will ultimately shape our destiny. Sad to say, that positive destiny will not be the reward for homosexual men and women, unless they change before death.

Not because the majority are doing it, means it is right!

Some of the world’s finest writers have written and produced a plethora of reasons why homosexual relations should be allowed. Political leaders have also come out in support of this abominable lifestyle, which has helped to influence the outcome of recent referenda and judicial pronouncements, but that does not mean that because the majority of influential people are doing and supporting it, that it is right. There are ample archeological/historical records, beside what is written in the Bible, to support the fact that Sodom and Gomorrah, known for their abominable behaviour, were destroyed for their sinful and immoral acts; the same judgement, destruction and eternal separation will befall all perverts as predicted in the Bible.

But as Christ preached about the wheat and the tares, both good and evil will exist until the day of harvest and judgement, when by their fruits they shall be known and judged. So, with that in mind, those who want to be derailed by living gay and aberrant lifestyles, carry on, your destiny is secure. For those who live morally upright lives, I encourage you to stay on the straight and narrow way that leads to life eternal, and that’s the environment in which I long to be…with the Creative Energy, Superior Intelligence and Order that exists, … my description of Almighty God and Heaven.

So parents, it is your duty to inculcate positive values and ethics by your own example, because children tend to imitate their parents and later their peers. Parents also need to be on guard for ‘family friends’, close relatives, including siblings, religious leaders and teachers, who will prey on young unsuspecting children and adolescents. These family associates are in many cases the first offenders, who can ultimately change the lifestyles of their victims with psychologically traumatic sexual experiences. Hopefully, with proper guidance and upbringing, the wheat you produce can stand tall among the tares.

In closing, a little advice: parents, regardless of how poor you are NEVER give up your children, boy or girl, for adoption by gay couples. And for those who want the same rights in SVG, NOT here, sodomy and buggery are both illegal in this country and should stay that way. There are many other countries offering that amnesty, so go there and perish. With homosexuality, there are a number of public health issues, including AIDS/HIV, herpes and scabies, which are rampant in the gay community, which will ultimately bear down negatively on our slender health resources. Like the God Almighty, we love you, but not your sinful nature. Please change your ‘dutty’ ways and live forever!

Donald A De Riggs