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Drivers, please stop drinking and driving


Editor: Over a million times drivers have been warned, whether on radio, TV, newspaper or in some other media, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Despite such warnings, some drivers continue to drink and drive soon. Some minibus drivers are in the habit of stopping at certain shops on their way to or from Kingstown,{{more}} purchase a beer, or a Guinness, or even taking some rum, then head back in the driver’s seat to continue the journey.

A passenger, in exercising his or her right to freedom of opinion and speech, might complain; then he/she gets cursed by the driver and foolishly, by some other passenger(s) at times, whose very lives are placed in danger.

Why do some drivers act so senselessly? Accidents have occurred, as we know, resulting in deaths in some cases, because of drivers being fully or partially intoxicated.

I REALLY wish that the Government could get more serious and pass a law BANNING the purchase of any kind of alcoholic beverage by operating drivers, whether minibus drivers, tax, private, rental etc. NO driver should drink and drive. Further, a person who knows of any minibus driver or any other driver who is in the habit of drinking and driving should take note of the licence plate number (number plate) and report the matter to the police.

Page 8 of the Blue Pages in the present telephone directory contains the numbers of the police stations. Moreover, can the Government bring in the use of breathalyzers, so that the police can at random check the alcohol level present in the breath of minibus drivers who have passengers’ lives in their hands? Getting something done may greatly reduce the risks caused by drinking and driving. Government, please act on this serious request!

Drivers, I appeal to all of you again: PLEASE – STOP DRINKING AND DRIVING!

Exerciser of Freedom of Speech