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Some wolves pretending to be sheep


Editor: In our midst, we are faced with all sorts. It is refreshing, though, when we meet individuals with whom we can have a conversation that comes straight from the heart and also with whom we could engage in a long enjoyable laugh which is truly good for the soul.{{more}}

On the contrary, there seem to be a few, who are far between, who seem to thrive on engaging in insidious acts rather blatantly, while they pretend to be otherwise, believing that they could get away as they try to mislead some. Such individuals are not content with doing what they are paid for. Instead, it appears as though they want to be paid for doing what they ought not to.

To this end, they will visit or contact work places, volunteering unasked for information, making suggestions which are completely out of their field and which have absolutely nothing to do with them. Such behaviour has its root in envy, which stems from a desperate and wicked heart. Unknown to such persons, they are experiencing serious self issues, the product of which is a low self-esteem. They fail to know that they are in the same boat like kidnappers, thieves, murderers and the like, as the motive is to hurt others. These are truly sick individuals, because happiness does not come from engaging in behaviours that are intended to hurt others.

These people should be exposed and in this way they might see it fit to desist from such low-down acts. Some people do not welcome worthwhile change; they only pretend and this they cannot do for long. It is very easy to recognize a sheep from a wolf. The latter is very dangerous and its features can be easily recognized.

Why pretend to some that they are this way, when others can see that they are that way. There is a word called “choice.” I think that they should choose who or what they really are and stop the camouflaging. After all, there are not many blind people around. Some people are so transparent that anyone can see right through them and things done in the darkness surface to the light.

An Onlooker