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Build a wall or protective barrier soon!


Editor: The accident that took place last Sunday night between Coulls Hill and Troumaca, resulting in three fatalities, underscores the NEED for a wall or some other protective barrier to be constructed where the car went over the cliff. This should have been done already since that area is dangerous, and previously, a jeep went over at that same location that resulted in the death of a woman and serious injuries to others.{{more}} When a quick response is made to secure an area after a tragedy happens, this can prevent possible future tragedies from happening in that particular area. If no wall is built in the area mentioned above, rest assured that more disasters are more than likely to befall people in North Leeward and others who journey there too. So, I am making an URGENT call to the Government and the Public Works Department to do something quickly. When heavier rain starts to fall in this rainy season, (eg: September, October, if not before) that section of the road is likely to get worse – mud and debris posing a danger to road users – vehicles skidding and possibly going over the cliff again. So, please make the region between Coulls Hill and Troumaca a PRIORITY for erecting a wall or some barrier as soon as possible, thus helping to prevent future serious accidents and fatalities. Please, do something SOON!