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Taking a stand on same sex marriage


Editor: The recent court ruling in USA which makes it legal for same sex marriage in all states of America is an important one. It therefore means that persons of the same sex can be married freely in any of the United States.

Those here in this blessed land of ours who are involved in homosexual practices would feel good and sooner than later our media would be clogged with persons wanting it to become legal also. Our governments of the region and here in SVG would be under pressure to make it legal for the same sex marriage.{{more}}

We know that God made Adam and Eve and told them to multiply and that he never made Adam and Steve. Thus, there can never be any justifiable arguments for same sex relationships. It is clearly an abomination, a sin that was present in Sodom and Gomorrah when God destroyed the world. We are indeed living in the last days.

The churches must never be silent on this issue. It must be condemned to its fullest. The persons must be loved and not discriminated against, but their lifestyle must never be entertained. The church must be ready to publicly with one voice speak against this practice and wish that no governments ever legalize same sex marriage. Failure to do so can make this country condemned by Almighty God.

It is election times and we know that there are practising gays on both sides of the political fence. Thus one can understand the silence of the parties on this issue. However, I must congratulate Anesia Baptiste on her public stand on this issue. In time we need to hear where each political party stands on this issue.

Of course, it can affect the parties politically, but a stand must be taken. The call for a discussion on this issue by the Hon Vynnette Frederick is an indicator of the direction in which she and possibly her party wants to go. However, there has not been much response to her call and rightly so.

I end by urging us as right thinkers and those who still uphold righteousness and respect for creation to take a stand against this issue and also to pray earnestly and sincerely, for we know that battles are won on our knees. God bless SVG.

Kennard King